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This is the minority; the vast majority of them simply seek a decent man to share their life with.Unfortunately, nowadays many young women in western countries have other life priorities and lost focus at this fundamental value on which relies the foundation of serious and life lasting relationships.Dating scammers and Internet personal scams are not tolerated on our honest and reliable matchmaking service.As in any sphere of business, some people find a way to abuse the trust of others and unfortunately there are many cases of dating scammers abusing the trust of honest men seeking a life partner.Dating for professionals can mean anything from a quick coffee to a trip to the theatre – it really depends on what you and your date would like to do.

"The paparazzi didn't even exist," Jessica chimes in, before Ronan continues, "or any female looking to get a leg-up.Still, Ronan remembers it like it was yesterday: "I can visualise it perfectly.Her image stayed in my head." They crossed paths again studying psychology in UCC, and not even the possibility of messing up their friendship could have deterred Ronan from the chase: "I was well prepared to lose the friendship we had developed if I didn't get her. No, the only regret I have is that time has gone too quickly." In those days, Ronan was playing rugby in UCC - and was a long way from the roaring crowds, fame and glory that would follow. There would have been no talk of having cars," he says, describing the simplicity from which their love blossomed. Jessica turns to Ronan, and they recall a memory - they were sitting next to former English player Jonny Wilkinson in the stands at an England versus Ireland game.Agency scams, brides scam and Russian marriage scams are not part of our business philosophy.Looking at profiles on Russian women personals or any pretty Russian woman on the numerous dating websites, a normal reaction is to think these women are real and honest and not part of a scammer list.