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According to our used data, most of the generous gents can be found in Indianapolis.The average first date price spent by generous members in Indianapolis is 6, much higher than the national average of .If generosity is what you’re looking for, all cities are not created equally.The midwest is known for their hospitality, but did you know they also can be generous?My mom apparently believed – though failed to mention up to this point – that in the eyes of men only virgins were eligible for marriage.Kanye’s laissez-faire, two-tears-in-a-bucket-fxck-it attitude: Immortalized, above.

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This is the promised second post about being a woman, you can read the first one here.I would like to repeat that I’m not aiming for any grand conclusion: I am simply sharing an odd assortment of stories for my own entertainment and maybe yours.When I’m feeling ambitious, I might hope to contribute to a better, less polarised conversation on the subject, but I don’t claim to be an authority beyond having spent a few decades as a live girl and woman.I knew all about how babies were made and not made, STIs and prevention, and I was looking forward to the time when all this information would become relevant.However, when that started to happen, my parents’ attitude changed dramatically.