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Panama's Tocumen International Airport, the largest and busiest airport in Central America, offers daily flights to major international destinations.

Panama was chosen as the 2003 American Capital of Culture jointly with Curitiba, Brazil.

Pre-Columbian History Archaeologists have found evidence of human life in Central America dating as far back as several thousand years BCE.

By the beginning of the Christian era, Central America had a wide array of indigenous peoples.

Due to higher levels of poverty and (arguably) more cultural dissimilarities from North America, girls from Central America are often seen as less approachable than girls from the aforementioned countries. Young girls and guys are virtually the same wherever you go. And if you step out of your comfort zone and talk to the women of Central America, you'll find that they're not so different after all.

I've made the following list on the best places to go to get laid in Central America (or to go to just find a nice girl to hangout with... This is entirely based on personal experience; I didn't take any polls or apply the scientific method.

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It controlled much of southern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.On January 28, 1671, the original city (see Panam√° Viejo) was destroyed by a fire when privateer Henry Morgan sacked and set fire to it.The city was formally reestablished two years later on January 21, 1673, in a peninsula located 8 km (5 miles) from the original settlement.The Maya were quite advanced in mathematics, astronomy, and art.In some of these areas, they were more advanced than European and Egyptian civilizations.