Avoid dating altogether

Your anxiety may cause you to criticize yourself and doubt in your ability to face your fears.

Fear tends to erase our memory -- we forget all of the times we've succeeded in challenging our anxiety.

With a singular vision towards the future, a clear preference for efficient time investment and in-born introversion an INTJ might be reluctant, skeptical or choose to avoid dating altogether. It’s ironic, of all of the types an INTJ might be one of the more romantic.

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Dating and hanging out are two completely different things.After the breakup, the emotionally avoidant person continues to socialize but often loses any desire to date and for any type of sexual intimacy.This person might go from one ill-fated relationship to the next or avoid romantic and sexual relationships altogether — usually for a finite period (weeks, months or years), though occasionally he or she swears off relationships forever.And dating, for all its glory, is rife with uncertainty.After all, you are getting to know one another and it's uncertain if you will have a connection or not.