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Microsoft has just released a new Office 365 sign in experience for clients, a change that has not been published anywhere!

Upon visiting the login page for Office 365, users are shown a popup that will take them to the new sign-in design.

If you have an HA pair, and if each node has a different hostname, allocate the Gateway Universal licenses to the first hostname, and then reallocate the same licenses to the other hostname.

To see the hostname, click the version info on the top right.

But if ICA Only is set to false then you need a Net Scaler Gateway Universal license for every user that connects to this Net Scaler Gateway Virtual Server.

Enabling ICA Only disables all Smart Access, Smart Control, and VPN features.

This guide contains instructions to configure a proof of concept (Po C) environment requiring a minimum amount of resources.

Modern public folder logging An elevation of privilege vulnerability exists when Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access (OWA) fails to properly handle web requests.Information, Configuration and Advice for Microsoft Unified Communication.As a Team Leader @Westcon UCC , my specialties are in Unified Communication (Skype for Business), and Office 365.When you create a Net Scaler Gateway Virtual Server, the ICA Only setting determines if you need Net Scaler Gateway Universal licenses or not.If the Virtual Server is set to ICA Only then you don’t need licenses.